Zegovia was established on April 18th, 2015 by guitarist and singer Seth Mireles, drummer Matt Mireles, and bassist Scott Dunn. Originally a fun way to get together and share their common interest in music, they decided to give it a name, and turn their project into a full band. The band however was still not complete. At the time of the formation, they were looking for a 2nd guitar player but played as a three piece for a short amount of time. Unfortunately before they found their next band member, Scott had to leave the band and that gave Seth and Matt the challenge to try and find the next band members.

In late 2016, Seth's high school band program was hosting an event to bring in guest musicians to play. Thanks to fellow marching band members, Seth met Jo Cunningham. Zegovia had been experimenting with different musicians and different sounds before bringing Jo into the band full time as rhythm guitar player a full year later. The band also needed a bass player, and thanks to a mandatory summer school course, both Seth and Matt met bassist Madison Shindler. Scott Dunn, Zegovia's first bassist, re-joined the band in October 2018 as their rhythm guitarist. 

Zegovia's new EP, "Blue Ruins" is out now on all streaming platforms!